Climbing Corfu.

Discover Stunning Natural Places with Spectacular Views

Guided Rock Climbing.

Suitable For All Ages

Deep Water Solo.

Conquer the Cliffs, Dive into Adventure


Challenge Your Limits, Embrace the Thrill

Farmer For A Day.

Get In Touch With Earth & Nature

Connect With Nature.

Explore Mountain & Coast Trails

Relax Therapy.

Relieve Muscle Cramps & Pain

Sport Massage.

Improve Wellness & Body Performance



Guided Rock Climbing, Discover Stunning Natural Places with Spectacular Views around Corfu, Suitable For All Ages

Deep Water Solo

Deep Water Solo

Conquer Coastal Cliffs and Dive into Crystal Clear Waters, Perfect Outdoor Adventure for Thrill Seekers of All Levels



Tackle Unique Rock Formations, Challenge Yourself and Uncover the Hidden Natural Settings of Corfu

About Us

At Climbing Corfu, we offer thrilling outdoor adventures around the beautiful island of Corfu, showcasing its stunning natural landscapes. Our activities go beyond the ordinary, providing unique experiences that cater to tourists, visitors, and nature lovers seeking to explore the island beyond traditional holiday tours and city limits.


Rock Climbing Tours

Our rock climbing tours are designed to match the skill levels and preferences of each participant. With an array of rock formations, Corfu is a paradise for climbers of all abilities. Our experienced instructors will help you select the perfect climbing spot based on your level of experience, guiding you step-by-step through your climbing session. We offer tours and courses for all ages and skill levels, from novice to advanced climbers. All required climbing and safety equipment is provided to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Deep Water Solo

Deep Water Solo

Experience the exhilarating sport of deep water soloing (DWS) in Corfu's crystal-clear waters. Our DWS routes are set on the island's stunning coastal cliffs, where climbers tackle routes without ropes, relying on the sea below for a safe splashdown. This activity is perfect for those looking for an adrenaline rush and a unique climbing experience, combining the thrill of climbing with the beauty of Corfu’s coastline.



Discover the challenge and excitement of bouldering with Climbing Corfu. We offer bouldering sessions on natural rock formations around the island, suitable for all levels of climbers. Our instructors will guide you through techniques and strategies to conquer these shorter, yet intense climbs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced boulderer, our sessions provide a fun and rewarding experience.


Massage Therapy

After a long day of outdoor adventures, rejuvenate with our relaxing massage therapy sessions. We offer both Relax and Sport Massage to relieve muscle cramps and pain, improving overall wellness and body performance. Our massage therapy is the perfect way to unwind and enhance your physical recovery after an active day in Corfu.

At Climbing Corfu, we are dedicated to providing unforgettable outdoor experiences that showcase the true beauty of our island.
Join us for an adventure that blends excitement, exploration, and relaxation.


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